pts for rail workers

Personal Track Safety – PTS Medical

PTS is a system of safer working practices that is designed to ensure the safety of railway workers who are working on or near the line. PTS rail medical tests are mandatory and Network Rail has designed them for the safety of railway workers. The PTS medical will ensure that potential rail workers do not have any conditions or are taking any medication that may lead to sudden incapacity, loss of consciousness, dizziness, impairment (mental or mobility-related), or any hearing or vision issues.

What happens during the PTS Rail Medical appointment?

Individuals are required to complete a general health questionnaire which will detail any aspects of their medical history that may have an impact on their ability to operate safely within the track environment. This questionnaire will be reviewed by our medical practitioners to determine that any disclosed conditions will not result in incapacity before a physical medical assessment takes place.

How much is a PTS Rail Medical?

Single person booking – £85.00 + VAT

Group bookings of 6 or more candidates is £75.00 + VAT per person

Please call us for even further discounts on larger groups or regular tests.

*The price of a PTS rail medical depends on the following factors:

The number of candidates booked for one appointment.

Whether the medical needs to be done on-site or off-site.

Whether drug and alcohol testing is to be performed with the medical.

We can carry out PTS medicals at our clinic or on site – day or night – results of medicals are uploaded to Sentinel within 24 hours.

Additional charge for night shift medicals will apply

What is included in a PTS Rail Medical?

    • Urine analysis
    • Blood pressure and pulse
    • BMI
    • Visual acuity test which includes a colour vision test
    • Audiometry test
    • Assessment of mobility
    • Assessment of alertness and psychological wellbeing
    • Epworth Sleepiness Scale